Fasianos atelier to open to the public: A Glimpse into the Artist’s Personal Sanctuary

The Alekos Fassianos Museum is set to open the renowned artist’s atelier to the public.

The intimate space was meticulously curated with artistic interventions from Fassianos himself and architect Kyriakos Krokos.

The atelier offers a window into the artist’s creative process, surrounded by his personal

effects, from clothing and palettes to half-finished masterpieces and furniture that he designed. The atelier is not just a painter’s studio but a testament to Fassianos’ multifaceted talents, including furniture making and sculpture.

“I create things with glue and dust,” Fassianos once said, likening his creative process to cooking unique recipes in a home kitchen.

His studio, akin to a museum, brims with the tools of his trade – brushes, dust, oils, and glues – materials he used to concoct his unique historical colors, inspired by neighborhood builders mixing their own paints.

The Alekos Fassianos Atelier is not just an exhibition, say curators. It is an immersive experience into the heart of a creative genius.

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