Pentagon, Syria Pentagon is considering sending ground troops to Syria

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Πάτρα: «Silvered Water, Syria Self Portrait» από την Λέσχη Αναιρέσεις

15/02/17 17:25

Οι Anonymous «προειδοποιούν» τον Τραμπ: «Θα μετανιώσεις τα επόμενα 4 χρόνια»

20/01/17 20:10

Russian airstrike kills 3 Turkish soldiers in Syria

09/02/17 18:11

Battle to retake Syrian city turns into a geopolitical test of the war

09/02/17 12:08

Russia secures presence in the Mediterranean, Turkey accepts Assad!

21/01/17 18:18

Hope and fear for Syria’s Kurds

31/01/17 16:44

Turkey will not hand over al-Bab to Syria!

24/01/17 17:20

First ever joint strikes by Russians and Turks on ISIS in Syria

19/01/17 10:44

Η 7χρονη που περιέγραφε τον πόλεμο στο Χαλέπι μέσω Twitter έστειλε επιστολή στον Τραμπ

26/01/17 19:27

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