The new UAV of NATO

23:01 19/1/2020 - Πηγή: Armynow

A new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is going to be part of the NATO’S Air Force. Its name is “Global Hawk” and it is more developed than the current UAVs. It’s the result of a combined effort into the Alliance with Italy playing the most prominent role. For its manufacture, papers of the American aviation company Northropp Grumman were used.

Its operation capabilities are extraordinary. It can fly 24/7 around the world transmiting information for possible threats for NATO. It will upgrade definitely the balance of power. Their base is located for the present in Sicily and it will be totaly ready in 2021. There are rumors that they will be used against Russia and in the Middle East. Whatever is going to happen, it is obvious that it will change the current situation in favor of NATO.

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