“NATO-ME”: The possible new expansion of the Alliance

22:25 11/1/2020 - Πηγή: Armynow

President Donald Trump on 09 January 2020 proposed expanding NATO’s membership to include Middle Eastern nations in light of recent U.S. tensions in the region with Iran. This statement came after the murder of the Iranian official Mr Soleimani in Iraq from a US drone.

The US President

had a contact with Mr. Stoltenberg, the General Secretary of NATO. The two men aligned themselves with the option that this expansion will give a solution to the problems the region faces, especially the instability and terrorism. NATO’s General Secretary is willing to expand the actions of the Alliance to that region.

However, this declaration provoked reactions. Some newspapers are against that possibility, while this option might cause strong reactions to other members of the Alliance. It should be noticed that in late 2019 a friction was caused inside that Organization, after the argument between France and Turkey. A further expansion might not be  a good idea for now.

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