Two killed, one injured in drive-by shooting outside Golden Dawn offices in N. Iraklio

According to statements by GD MPs and the latest reports, the victims of the attack were members of the party. Their two unidentified assailants were riding on a motorbike when they opened fire with a Kalashnikov rifle as the passed outside the party’s offices at 420 Irakliou Avenue, instantly killing two of the men

standing outside and seriously injuring a third. The GD offices were closed at the time the attack took place.
The injured man has been taken to Georgios Gennimatas General Hospital in Athens.
A police investigation has been launched to locate and arrest the perpetrators, with senior Greek Police (ELAS) officers on the scene to coordinate the investigation.
‘Law will be enforced for all,’ Public Order minister says
Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias said on Friday evening that the “law will be enforced for all,” adding that the government would not allow the country to become a place for “settling of accounts for any reason”. Dendias also expressed his grief over the death of the two young men.
Golden Dawn on deadly attack
“A motorcycle with two helmeted terrorists stopped in front of the Golden Dawn offices in Neo Iraklio while the office was opened and a number of people were standing at the entrance,” a press release of the ultra-right Golden Dawn (Chryssi Avghi) party said after the drive-by shooting.
“The co-driver dismounted and executed two young men aged 22 and 26, from a distance of half a meter. Before driving off, the terrorists shot again against the victims lying dead on the ground. They literally emptied their guns on them. Another citizen was seriously injured by a bullet. It is a miracle that there were no more victims. The blow was blind and the culprits were determined to kill anyone who was at the Golden Dawn offices at the time,” the party added.
It also stressed that the Golden Dawn had requested police protection as it had received threats.
Police find stolen motorcycle
A stolen motorcycle was found on Friday evening at a short distance from the site of the deadly shooting, which police believe that it was the one used by the attackers.
The motorcycle, a Yamaha, is already being examined and will be taken to the laboratories of the crime investigation department for a detailed inspection.

source: ΑΜΝΑ

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