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Underdogs Iceland, 1-1, Portugal, Euro2016 Underdogs Iceland draw 1-1 with Portugal in Euro2016

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Portugal Euro2016 champions after beating France 1-0

11/07/16 07:22

Águas at SDNA: "Varela could have been a member of Portugal National Team"

23/07/16 20:06

Sources: FinMin expresses opposition to sanctions on Spain, Portugal over excessive budget deficits

11/07/16 23:55

Portugal through to Euro2016 semis on penalties (video)

01/07/16 07:44

Portugal make it to Euro2016 final

07/07/16 08:28

UEFA 10 great EURO moments: Euro2004 Charisteas goal vs. Portugal (video)

07/06/16 17:29

Φάρσα η απειλή για βόμβα σε πτήση της TAP Portugal

02/02/16 13:04

Bomb threat on local Portugal flight

02/02/16 13:42

Olympiakos monitoring players from Liga Portugal

18/03/16 20:47

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