SIPRI, 1 686, 2016 SIPRI: Στα 1.686 δισ. δολάρια οι αμυντικές δαπάνες παγκοσμίως το 2016

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Appeals court rejects second extradition request by Ankara for 3 Turkish servicemen

25/04/17 14:45

Court rules against extradition of Turkish military officers

25/04/17 16:38

Greek army honours military dog for its services (photos)

25/04/17 12:43

Πρώτη η Μέρκελ και μετά ΟΛΟΙ ζητωκραυγάζουν: Εμπρός Εμμανουέλ Μακρόν! Όμως...

24/04/17 19:11

Athens court to hear latest Turkish extradition petition for 3 of 8 servicemen who fled to Greece

19/04/17 23:07

April 21: Remembering the toppling of Greek Democracy by the Junta (videos)

21/04/17 08:56

China opens military contracts worth billions of yuan to private companies

20/04/17 16:25

Μνημόνιο Συναντίληψης Κύπρου-Αυστρίας για στρατιωτικά θέματα

20/04/17 13:59

Military transport chopper reported missing in north-central Greece

19/04/17 11:18

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