Aerit launches drone delivery services in Värmdö

Aerit began drone delivery services covering select households in Värmdö Kommun. Aerit’s services will offer a range of products including pharmacy goods, groceries, meals, and retail items from stores and restaurants located in Värmdö Köpcentrum.

The delivery flights, conducted beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), provide on-demand access

to goods and services for households registered with the company. The services will initially be offered on weekends before expanding to cover more days of the week.

“Establishing our first delivery hub is a major milestone for Aerit and drone services in Sweden. We are turning 30 minute car trips into 7 minute battery-powered flights,” said Alexander Perrien, CEO of Aerit. “Värmdö Kommun has been a great partner in this journey assisting with everything from identification of potential locations to land permit applications. We look forward to enhancing the sustainability and accessibility of the community.”

Aerit is a sustainable drone delivery service based in Stockholm, Sweden. Aerit’s delivery platform connects communities using it’s Nimbi drones. Aerit’s autonomous Nimbi delivery drones, designed and built by Aerit, are battery-powered with a max payload capacity of 4kg (10lbs). Nimbi features a proprietary winching system that allows for both package pick-up and drop-off without the need for supporting infrastructure. Aerit’s mission is the democratization of access to goods and services regardless of location, weather, time of day, or personal ability.

Since founding the company in January of 2021, Aerit’s milestones include regulatory approval for operations under the EASA SORA framework, and successful completion of Sweden’s first commercial drone delivery of food in October of 2021.


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