Editorial: Arrivals

The arrival in Greece of the first batch of French Rafale fighter jets is a turning point.

This is due not only to their advanced electronic and weapons systems that will give Greece a significant advantage in a period when the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean is still tense.

It is

the result of a major defence agreement with France and it coincides with the French presidency of the European Council.

It places Greece at the centre of European developments and sends a warning to Turkey.

As Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said, the door of dialogue remains open, but it cannot be based on threats.

The modernisation of Greece’s defence system is a national strategy and a necessary choice given Ankara’s aggressive policies.

That is why it is imperative for the weapons programme to be implemented immediately, without backpedaling, in order for Greece not to lose the dynamic it has gained and to contribute to stability in the wider region.

Speed, however, does not mean sloppiness. Greece has in the past paid a very high price for imprudent political and economic moves.

For that reason, and because of successive crises, it has been 15 years since Greece last upgraded its defence arsenal, and there is no room for further delays.

Τυχαία Θέματα