Greece braces for severe storms

Despite record highs, Greece is bracing for a dramatic shift in weather.

Meteorologists have forecast strong winds and heavy rainfall battering the country’s north and western regions in the coming days, leading temperatures to drop by up to 10 degrees from recent highs.

Athens is expected to be hit by a front

of heavy rain beginning Friday.

Theodoris Kolydas, Director of the National Meteorological Service, has issued a warning, mainly for the country’s west and northern regions, advising residents to be vigilant of the weather shift beginning Thursday.

Meteorologist Giannis Kallianos echoed similar warning, focusing on Friday when the worst conditions will surface for about 24 hours.

A barometric low forming near the Gulf of Genoa is projected to move eastward, impacting Italy on Thursday before sweeping across Greece from west to east on Friday.

Regions forecast to be hit the hardest include he western, central, and northern parts of the country, as well as the islands of the eastern Aegean.

Homeland security authorities said they were monitoring the situation, prepared to respond to any adverse effects from the upcoming storms.

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