Only, Alfredo Mejía#039s, Xanthi FC Only details for Alfredo Mejía's transfer to Xanthi FC

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SDNA's exclusive: Nikos Papadopoulos the favorite to be OFI new manager

22/01/17 00:06

Olympiacos beat Xanthi FC with second-half goals

21/01/17 21:37

Panaitolikos and manager Giannis Mantzourakis parted ways

17/01/17 18:01

Xanthi FC beat PAS Giannina and remain at second Super League place

15/01/17 17:05

Γκολ και θέαμα ψάχνει η Ξάνθη κόντρα στον ΠΑΣ

14/01/17 16:01

Olympiakos leave Xanthi victorious

08/01/17 21:57

Four absences for Olympiakos ahead of Xanthi FC away clash

07/01/17 23:35

Ντέρμπι κορυφής στα Πηγάδια

07/01/17 19:54

Xanthi FC announce Manolis Papasterianos signing

05/01/17 17:54

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