Μultiple, Lesvos, multiple, Lesvos Μultiple deaths reported as smuggler's vessel reportedly sinks off Lesvos

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Turkish Defence Minister blasts Panos Kammenos in Turkish parliament

24/04/17 17:33

Tragedy strikes as 16 refugees drown off coast of Lesvos

24/04/17 15:32

Former New York mayor pushed for extraordinary US-Turkey deal to help a client

24/04/17 09:39

Recep Tayyip Erdogan asks you to shut up

21/04/17 22:23

Σάλος στην Τουρκία με βίντεο νοθείας

17/04/17 02:50

Accident in Bosporus! Russian ship sinks Turkish Coast Guard vessel! (VIDEO)

20/04/17 17:44

Turkish news outlet releases footage of Greek boat being chased away from Imia island (video)

21/04/17 11:51

Turkey’s Erdogan: Barack Obama deceived us over PKK

20/04/17 16:17

Athens court to hear latest Turkish extradition petition for 3 of 8 servicemen who fled to Greece

19/04/17 23:07

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