-year PM, shipowners' union president sign one-year extension of voluntary tax contribution by the latter

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Tsipras said Greece close to market return for borrowing needs

27/06/17 15:58

Greek PM Tsipras pledges to hire over 2,500 new employees

27/06/17 14:47

Breaking: Refuse collectors to decide on rubbish deadlock in one hour

27/06/17 11:39

ND lead over SYRIZA between 7 and 9 percentage points, recent poll indicates; slipping approval ratings for Tsipras

25/06/17 15:52

Macron-Tsipras meeting in Brussels

22/06/17 22:01

Κικίλιας: προσπαθεί να αποδράσει ο τσίπρας

22/06/17 14:16

French President Macron met with the Greek PM Alexis Tsipras

22/06/17 18:54

#Παραιτηθείτε… Αραιά αραιά να φαινόμαστε καμία σαρανταρέα | Photos

20/06/17 22:30

Turkish PM arrives in Athens; Tsipras refers to relations based on trust, cooperation

19/06/17 12:18

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