PPC, EBITDA, H1 2017 PPC reports lower profitability, EBITDA in H1 2017

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China Development Bank MoC with Greece's Public Power Corp.

09/09/17 19:25

Talks for obligatory sale of 40% of power utility's lignite-fired capacity shift to Brussels

18/09/17 12:10

Στη Ν. Αφρική στρέφει την προσοχή του ο Τιτάνας

12/09/17 07:49

PPC to sign MoU with China Development Bank next month

25/08/17 11:41

Memorandum-mandated target to reduce PPC's market share by end of year appears fleeting

29/08/17 20:32

PPC tender in Sept. for consultant to manage customer base, massive arrears portfolio

22/08/17 23:10

Η ΔΕΗ ενισχύει την «τάση» στην αγορά της Τουρκίας

26/07/17 11:47

2352% - αν μιλάμε για success story!

26/05/17 18:22

PPC power utility eyes expansion into massive Turkish market

26/07/17 21:51

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