Sale, Greeces, Chinese Sale of 24% stake in Greece's power grid operator to Chinese company approved by shareholders

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Second review of Greek program: Fiscal targets, energy and labor reforms remain unresolved

23/11/16 21:40

Συμφωνία της COSMOTE TV με την Paramount Pictures για ταινίες & σειρές πρώτης προβολής

22/11/16 13:19

Outgoing ministry again raises objections to sale of power utility's shares

07/11/16 22:39

State power utility petitions high court over NOME auction starting price

17/11/16 15:02

Head of China's CMEC company in Athens for power station talks

23/10/16 22:25

Joint agreement between Chinese multinational, Greek power utility PPC

24/10/16 22:38

China’s State Grid Corp. submits winning bid for stake in Greek power grid operator ADMIE

26/10/16 21:57

Latest memorandum milestone completed on Tues. with first-ever electricity auction in Greece

25/10/16 23:13

Θυγατρική στην Αλβανία συγκροτεί η ΔΕΗ

20/09/16 15:07

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