The amazing kataifi bites of Mrs Voula

Small, beautiful kataifi bites with a whole almond that are not smothered in syrup. A fine whole-pan sweet like those from a pastry shop. It is a bit difficult to set it until one gets used to rolling the mini kataifis but it really is a simple sweet. Mrs Voula comes from Imbros, has lived in Poli (Istanbul) and later in Athens. She is an amazing cook and has a large repertoire of recipes... She makes recipes from Poli (Istanbul), traditional recipes from islands, excellent pies and also follows "modern" cooking! In a few words, she is very skilfull and always willing to show tips in cooking and tradition to the young! The dessert that I post is one of the best that she makes according to my opinion. She also offers it at weddings, christenings and other festive events and all her friends and aquaintances order it!! I think that recipes that are this good, should be shared.

Τυχαία Θέματα
Mrs Voula,