Germany, Erdogan, G20 Germany warns Erdogan bodyguards not to attend G20

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Turkey rejects Saudi Arabia and allies’ demands to shut down Qatar air base

23/06/17 20:16

Greek President Pavlopoulos: Turkey should respect monuments if it wants to EU prospects open

23/06/17 12:13

US State Department urges Turkey to respect Hagia Sophia

23/06/17 08:57

Women Eurobasket 2017 semi-final: Greece vs. Turkey (starts at 4pm)

22/06/17 13:46

Turkish Foreign Ministry outdoes itself: Calls on Greece to become more democratic!

23/06/17 10:23

UNESCO reacts to the Turkish provocation in Hagia Sofia

22/06/17 23:07

Unbelievable Greek victory: Turkey vs. Greece 55 – 84! (Upd)

22/06/17 17:53

Turkey provokes with reading of Quran in Hagia Sophia (video)

22/06/17 09:55

Women’s Eurobasket: Turkey vs. Greece 30 – 36 at Half-time

22/06/17 17:02

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