Airbnb No more free tax ride for Airbnb homeowners

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Greek tax bureau sets its sights on 'Airbnb' rentals

24/11/17 16:41

Editorial: Award for courage or…flexibility

24/11/17 11:47

Residence tax: € 200 million hoteliers predict, € 74 million says the government

24/11/17 12:34

OECD: Crisis-bedeviled Greece takes 'gold' in terms of tax revenue increase

24/11/17 10:26

Why Pick Them- Essay Creating

24/11/17 05:21

12 austerity measures to debut in 2018 draft budget

21/11/17 19:11

OECD: Greece has highest rate of tax hikes for 2016

23/11/17 18:48

The EU may include Turkey on a blacklist of tax havens as soon as next month!

23/11/17 13:46

Το σχόλιο της Δευτέρας - Η θεωρία του Πιγκού, η πενταετής παραγραφή και το νέο Ε3

20/11/17 00:31

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