Ωρωπός, σεισμός, 20ής Ιούλη, 1938, oropos, seismos, 20is iouli, 1938 Ωρωπός: Ο σεισμός της 20ής Ιούλη του 1938

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British MP urges people to use cannabis on parliament grounds (VIDEO)

19/07/17 18:11

Last-minute amendment slaps 2% surcharge on sale of tablets in Greece

13/07/17 23:59

New "politically correct" national anthem stalls in Canadian Parliament!

11/07/17 02:23

Cyprus discussed in Parliament; Athens: negotiations failed because Ankara wants to keep troops, intervention right vis-a-vis island

11/07/17 13:01

Γερμανία: Εγκρίθηκε ο γάμος ομόφυλων – Καταψήφισε η Μέρκελ (video)

30/06/17 12:05

Turkish parliament pushes to ban the word “Kurdistan” in assembly

07/07/17 19:06

Eighteen utilities, enterprises to be shifted to new 'supra' privatization fund

29/06/17 23:54

Kati Piri interview: “You cannot sit & wait while situation in Turkey is deteriorating”

06/07/17 14:44

European Parliament calls on Turkey to halt nuclear plant

06/07/17 21:31

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